Epiphany: Muslim Minimalist in the Making | Little Life

Assalamualaikum and a warm hello to everyone~

There I was, in the midst of my usual morning routine, when I stopped dead in my tracks as I caught sight of the mountains of folded clothes behind me–excess clothes that won’t fit into our medium-sized wardrobe…clothes that I have unconsciously accumulated in the past year or two.

In front of me were myriads of makeup products, hair and hijab accessories; these various colourful possessions were indeed a pleasure to the eye, but something didn’t seem right to the heart and mind.

To my left, twenty or more lipsticks were within my reach; all in different shades of red and pink, all long-lasting and beautiful.

Then, it struck me hard…

I do not have twenty or more pairs of lips.

I have one pair of plump kisser that Allah has bestowed upon me *Alhamdulillah*. I do not need twenty or more lipsticks and certainly do not need twenty more.

It was the moment I realised that women as the target of most product marketing schemes are undeniably subjected to consumerism and basically, to the notion that we need everything that is advertised to us.

Ladies and gents, we can live a perfectly happy life without worldly ‘everythings’

Islam encourages us to practice Az-Zuhd, a simple and modest way of living as opposed to a lifestyle full of unnecessary displays of worldly luxuries. I am by no means an Islamic scholar, but I do believe living content with what you have and not be envious of what others possess is the way to go; no matter your background.

Sometimes when we think we are in control of our worldly possessions, we stress over them, spend time organising them, waste energy collecting them–one should stop and think that maybe, just maybe, your possessions are controlling you.

So, the next time you feel the urge to buy a new scarf to add into your collection of scarves, or that new pair of Abibas *not a real brand* running shoes to add into your already-huge collection of footwear, tell yourself this:

I do not need this. I am perfectly happy with what I already have.

Just a little post for your enjoyment. I should start giving away most of my lipsticks now… 🙂

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!




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