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If diamonds are a woman’s best friend, then make-up is her secret lover. Make-up is my secret love. Well, not so secret anymore as I am about to share with you what I have in my travel make-up case!

Hint: I will put tips all over this post in case you would want to build your own portable make-up kit!

Being a muslim, it is imperative that one must perform their five daily prayers no matter how hectic their schedule. So, when I’m out and about, I would find a place to do my prayers and clean off my face with a swipe (or two) of my make-up remover tissue, and perform the ablution.

Make your life easier

The trick to having a clean makeup-free face before your ablutions is to not opt for make-up products with a staining effect, such as a lip or cheek stain. Waterproof ones are alright as long as you can be certain that your make-up remover can get rid of everything and not leave any residues. You may also choose non-waterproof products to make life easier, but living in a wet and humid country such as Brunei, your make-up may have the tendency to melt, so be wary of that, fellow make-up enthusiast! 🙂

Lizzy’s tip: Be VERY sure that the products you wish to use for the day can be easily removed with your chosen make-up remover. This is important as some make-up products (e.g.waterproof foundation) tend to create a layer between your skin and the ablution water. 

  1. A durable case that can be easily cleaned

My current make-up case is a black zipped IT Cosmetics bag from a set I got from Sephora. It is compact and slim, so it limits the number of things I can bring, which is a good thing in a way. Less make-up to remove!

Lizzy’s tip: When choosing your travel case/bag, make sure you are able to have easy access to the contents deep inside without having to waste time rummaging through your bag. A wide opening is key.

I like to change the contents every now and then so I don’t stick to the same three items over and over, so for a make-up addict/hobbyist/collector, it is a good way to go through make-up that you rarely use.

1. The first must-have in my make-up bag is, of course, make-up remover tissues. Any brand will do, but I have tried and tested (and loved!) the Bioré travel make-up wipes that you can get from Guardian. It removes make-up and dirt efficiently, though it may be less economical as a pack can cost around BND$3 for 10 sheets.

Lizzy’s tip: You can also go for the travel-sized make-up remover bottles (eg. Silkygirl has one) and bring along a small bag of cotton pads as an alternative to these wet tissues.

2. I love the Neutrogena gel moisturiser and use it everyday, but it would be weird to bring it along the huge tub it is packed in, so I got a bag of ointment containers (like the one given by clinics) and scooped some of my moisturiser into it. Best idea I’ve had.

Lizzy’s tip: If your skin tends to feel dry after your ablution, then a good moisturiser’s the answer! Apply some on your face just after your ablution and before you pray, then your face will be well-hydrated by the time you finish your prayers and ready for some make-up!

3. The next item is a face powder to unshine your shiny face. What I am currently using when I’m on-the-go is the Mac Blot Pressed Powder in Medium, but you can go for the ones that work best for your skin. You would be better off bringing along a powder that has some coverage to limit yourself from bringing a bottle of foundation in your bag (not a good idea.)

4. Depending on the type of powder I choose to bring in my bag for that week, I would sometimes bring along a stick concealer if my powder, like the Mac Blot Powder, has close to no coverage. The Revlon Photo Ready Stick Concealer is a real favourite of mine–so much so that I’ve gone through about seven sticks and counting! Stick concealers are super easy to use especially if you’re in a hurry; and this particular one is creamy and easy to blend, despite it being in a stick form.

5. You can skip this next one, but sometimes I do like to have rosy cheeks rather than looking pale for the afternoon, so I tend to have a blush and a small brush in my bag ready for any sudden need of a rouge.

What I currently have in my bag is the Balm’s Frat Boy Powder Blush, along with a small powder brush I got from the dollar store (Do not underestimate such a cheap item! It’s amazing!)

Lizzy’s tip: Sheer blushes are the way to go, because you wouldn’t want to spend extra time blending them out or taking them off if you applied too much. 

6. Last but not least, is lip products (and then some). Being such an indecisive person, I just had to have three different lipstick colours and a lip balm to complete (or jam-pack) my travel kit! The best is to choose a complementary red lipstick that can be build up, so you can have a wash of colour on your lips for the day and have a more striking look for the night.

Well, there you go, lovelies! Hope this post can give you some insight on what to have in your make-up kit.

Bye 🙂





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