Review: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks in VINTAGE and SOFT-SPOKEN

Assalamualaikum, my beautiful ladies~!

Many of you who know me well (Hubs, family, close friends…cats) may know that I have a small fetish for lip products. I don’t think it is close to being a ‘problem’ per se, but I have tried going through all of them to throw or give some away, but my collection just seemed to grow bigger *wallet cries in Spanish*.

So anyway, in this post, I would like to review the not-so-new NYX Liquid Suede.

NYX Liquid Suede Vinatge Soft-spoken

I’ve finally succumbed to these after stalking them on Google and Instagram; thankfully for us living in Brunei, they are readily-available in Shop@LisaSarah’s at Seri Qlap Mall for less than BND$20 each. I ended up getting two beautiful shades that really reflect my personality–sometimes timid (the Soft-spoken) and sometimes bangin’ (the Vintage). I wouldn’t say there’s a huge range of colours for you to choose from, but there’s only so much of them that I deem wearable for my average days since my lip colour is already naturally deep-toned.

I realised the difficulty in describing how a particular lipstick colour looks like, so I’ve decided to refer to Wikipedia’s List of colours for everyone’s ease, including mine.

NYX Liquid Suede VIntage Soft-spoken 2


The Soft-spoken is just a lovely mauve shade with bluish pink undertones. It’s looking a bit peachy from my photos, but it’s actually close to Deep Puce from the Wiki link, and in my opinion, one of the perfect nudes out there.

On the other hand, ‘Mystery’ is the word that popped into my mind when I first saw Vintage. I would say it’s a mix of Falu Red and Brown Chocolate from my Wiki link, though *again* it looks brighter in my photo. It’s one of those shades that is not as striking as wearing a bright Violet or Emerald Green for lips, but it’s deep plum hue is just dramatic. Now, I’m not really a wearer of dark colours, but I’ve grown to love this end of the intensity spectrum for evening dates, and for when I’m feeling extra during the days (not for work, though. I don’t think my colleagues can handle it!), I’d put this on with minimum make-up elsewhere and I’m good to go!

NYX Liquid Suede Vintage Soft-spoken 3


When first applied, these feel so velvety on the lips that you would initially thought you’re only massaging your puckers with the applicator. Once on, there’s a moment when you would feel a light tugging as the product sinks into the creases of your lips, then a little dryness is felt before you feel little to no product sitting on your lips at all. Be sure to apply lip balm before your suedes, though!


I’ve tested these liquid suedes for quite a while now, and what I have noticed was how easily these transfer due to its creamy texture. They don’t dry off like matte lipsticks, so expect marks and stains everywhere–on your scarf, your cup, your burger, baby’s hands… I would put in a before-and-after photo of these liquid suedes on my lips, but I have a slight ‘stache problem right now, so yeah (like, you guys don’t have any…).


For less than BND$20, I would say that they are quite affordable, given the 4ml volume of each tube and how beautiful the colours show on the lips. You don’t need much for the darker colours to show but for the nudes and peaches in this NYX lip line, I would probably go overboard and layer them on my lips like cement just to cover them fully! However, I do love these liquid suedes and am hoping that NYX would come up with more shades that flatter the medium-toned girls out there soon!


Thanks for reading, ladies! More reviews coming your way!






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