About Lizzy

Lizzy is a 28 year-old full-time scientist who loves to write. After years of experiencing the trauma of losing her 100+ paged A4-sized fictional story that she poured her heart on to a computer crash, she rises once again to succumb to her long lost passion and hence this blog was created.

Though she may not be writing much about her awesome day job, she will be sharing her other favourite things like giving tips and advices here and there from her little life, sharing her many cooking hacks, and such.

She is the little wife who lives with her wonderful (not-so-little) husband, who henceforth shall be called ‘The Hubs’, and a little bundle of joy who henceforth shall be called ‘Baby’…duh.

Love and family are very important to her, and these are what keeps her sanity in check with a very demanding career during the day.

Oh, and she loves beautiful things. Did you notice her love for the word ‘little’ as well?


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